GenEd Courses – Fall 2016

Gen Ed at AUA | How to form Gen Ed cohesive clusters |   GenEd Courses-Fall 2016 |  Physical Education, First Aid and Civil Defense Requirement | Gen Ed Foundation courses Year 2 and Year 3Minors in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) and Genocide Studies & Human Rights (GSHR) |Undergraduate University-wide Goals and Learning Outcomes

CHSS110Introduction to Philosophy – 2 sections
CHSS112Logic & Rhetoric 
CHSS130Introduction to Art
CHSS140Music Appreciation – 2 sections
CHSS153Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture
CHSS155Introduction to Russian Language & Culture
CHSS156Introduction to Latin Language & Culture
CHSS231Upper Division Art 1 (TBD)
CHSS232Upper Division Art 2 (TBD)
CHSS240Music and Literature
  E&C major courses GE AH
E&C105Introduction to the Structure of English
E&C121English Literature 1
E&C140Expository Writing
E&C231Public Speaking
E&C237Introduction to Filmmaking
E&C240Creative Writing
E&C261World Media – K-Drama


CHSS180Introduction to Psychology
LAW142Introduction to Human Rights – 2 sections
LAW160Law & Justice in Popular Culture
PSIA101Introduction to Political Science – 2 sections
PSIA102Introduction to US Government
PSIA103Introduction to Armenian Government
PSIA2XXRegional Politics
  BAB major courses GE SS
BUS101Introduction to Business
ECON122Principles of Macroeconomics


CHSS114Introduction to Religion – 2 sections
CHSS127World Civilizations 1
CHSS185Introduction to Genocide Studies
CHSS195Introduction to Archaeology
CHSS251Topics in Cinema
CHSS22XThe Study of History: Historians and their Research
PSIA201Political Philosophy
  E&C major courses GE AH/SS
E&C104Introduction to Communications
E&C222World Literature 2
E&C238Media & Society


CSE111The Scientific Method & Critical Thinking
CSE145Geographic Information Systems
CSE151Introduction to Energy Sources
CSE171Conceptual Physics
CSE241Introduction to Data Mining
CSE285How things work
CSE 165Introduction to Chemistry 
ENV101Introduction to Environmental Sciences
ENV140Solid Waste
ENV250Biodiversity and Conservation
  CS major courses GE QS 
CS100Calculus 1
CS111Discrete Math
CS110Introduction to Computer Science