AUA’s Special Program for Syrian-Armenian Students at Full Capacity

AUA Responds Immediately to Crisis Facing Syrian-Armenian Students


In response to the crisis in Syria, AUA opened its arms to welcome Syrian-Armenian students. AUA swiftly developed programs specifically aimed at accommodating the needs of the Syrian-Armenian students.  The special program offered Syrian-Armenian students the opportunity to enroll in two classes at AUA with all tuition and fees waived.  This program was open to students who demonstrated financial need. 


The Program for Syrian-Armenian Students is a Huge Success


Due to extremely high demand, these classes filled up very quickly. The program is currently at capacity at 60 enrolled students.  At this point in time, we are compiling a waiting list.  We urge those who wish to be on the waiting list to contact us directly at [email protected]


How You Can Help


As an institution of higher education, AUA’s mission is to provide a high-caliber, American-style education, serving the needs of Armenia and the region. This program was made possible due to the generosity of donors. 

Please join us to help AUA expand its program to serve the needs of the Syrian-Armenian students.  With an ever-increasing waiting list for this program, your donations will allow AUA to open additional classrooms to accommodate even more Armenian students from Syria.  DONATE NOW