AUA President to Teach Course on Computation Theory this Semester

YEREVAN–American University of Armenia President Dr. Bruce Boghosian will be teaching a course on Computation Theory for AUA’s College of Science and Engineering (CSE) this semester.

The course, titled “Advanced Topics in the Theory of Computing,” aprovides an overview of subjects at the frontiers of the theory of computation.

“I taught a similar course at Tufts University many years ago. I enjoy the topical matter very much, and I love conveying these ideas to students who are learning them for the first time.,” said Dr. Boghosian. “It always results in a radical reshaping of the way that they think about the foundations of computer science. This is also a great opportunity for me to get to know the CSE students better.”

After a review of important topics from the classical theory of computation, the course considers simple dynamical systems that are also capable of universal computation, and introduces the ideas of reversible computation and physical computation.

The course concludes with a survey of modern results in quantum computation, including an introduction to quantum cryptography, quantum error correction, and Grover’s search algorithm.

The idea of teaching the course came about from discussions Dr. Boghosian had with the CSE Dean Aram Hajian and the Computer and Information Science program chair, Suren Khachatryan.

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