Scholars from Boston University and Le Cube lecture at AUA on “Things That Think”

Yerevan, Armenia – The American University of Armenia, in collaboration with the Luys Foundation, hosted the second lecture in the Thinking About Thinking lecture series on Saturday, April 14, 2012. 
Entitled “Things That Think and Storied Objects,” the lecture featured Prof. Hyun-Yeul Lee from Boston University and Dr. Florent Aziosmanoff of Le Cube in Paris. 

“For objects it is an opportunity to contribute to our surroundings beyond the traditional form and function. Objects with cinematic qualities – objects with time and other story elements – reveal aspects that we could have never imagined to happen in their every day. Their testimony adds to ways in which we can better understand our surroundings,” stated Lee.

Prof. Lee and Prof. Aziosmaoff introduced the audience to a new field for creativity and human production.  They presented examples of augmented objects and environments that already impact and enrich our business, urban, and home environments.

“The digital medium as a means for expression resides in its capacity to produce systems with ‘autonomous players,’ each with its own complex behavior, maintaining a relationship attuned to the audience. In practical terms, this consists of using technology well beyond the realm of video games, but applying them instead to artistic creations in order to create living art works”, said Prof. Aziosmaoff.

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