Open Education

AUA’s Open Education furthers the mission of the University by making the University’s resources—intellectual, academic, and facilities—accessible to a broad audience of working professionals and students of all ages and backgrounds.  We at AUA believe that it is never too early or too late to grow personally or professionally and fine-tune your knowledge and job-related skills with a well-defined curriculum and educational experiences. That will prepare you to enter or advance in your growth and apply the most up to date skills toolbox to your everyday professional engagement. Also, we offer affordable, high-quality courses for children, young adults, and professionals. Our instructors bring years of field experience and innovation in education to the classroom, and enhance your learning experience.

AUA’s Open Education provides both opportunity and flexibility for everyone. By applying our principles of excellence, convenience, and innovation, we strive to reach out to diverse communities with relevant programs. Our programs include:

Sprout Preschool English program

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EEC-After-school English program

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Sprout Preschool English ProgramEEC Afterschool English ProgramExtension Program