AUA Lecture Series to Examine European Union Policy

AUA’s Political Science and International Affairs program is hosting a series of lectures from November 21 until December 3, focusing on European Union policy.

The lectures are being organized by Dr. Syuzanna Vasilyan, Jean Monnet Chair of EU Studies and Assistant Professor at AUA’s Political Science and International Affairs program.

Each lecture will be delivered in English by experts from the EU Advisory Group in Armenia on the following topics: International Trade and Market Access, Justice and Home Affairs, Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues.

The goal of the series is to raise awareness among Armenia’s policy makers and civil society at large about the EU’s general policies and, more specifically, how Armenia fares in relation to those policies.

EU policy regarding Armenia and other former Soviet states has evolved over the years, from one based on the provision of humanitarian and technical assistance in the early 1990s to a relationship based on full-fledged political cooperation and partnership. The lecture series will shed light on the EU’s role in the region and foster engagement among interested parties in Armenia regarding the various EU-related projects and activities in Armenia.

The presentations will be held from 3pm-4:15pm in Manoogian Hall, located in AUA’s Paramaz Avedisian building. To attend any of the lectures, register by sending an email to [email protected]

Below is a listing of the dates for each lecture:


Wednesday, November 21:

International Trade and Market Access

Advisor: Willem van der Geest


Friday, November 23:

Justice Reforms: the Challenge in Armenia’s Integration Agenda

Advisor: Catherine Durieux


Monday, November 26:

Crime Prevention: An Evolving Process

Advisor Richard Martinez


Wednesday, November 28:

National Human Rights Institutions

Advisor: Dalia Zukauskine


Monday, December 3:

European Union Food Safety Legislation. Approximation of Armenian Food Safety Legislation to the EU Standards

Advisor: Viktors Grampanis