Health Alert Update June 3, 2020

Dear AUA students, faculty, and staff,

In the midst of balancing our lives and responsibilities during the pandemic and state of emergency, I know there’s also a pressing question on everyone’s mind: What will the fall 2020 semester look like at AUA?

Following the June 1 meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, I would like to inform you of the general approaches the University will undertake for the fall semester. Due to the rising number of new cases of COVID-19 and the pandemic’s unpredictability, we assume that classes in the fall 2020 semester will be mostly conducted online. As much as safety conditions permit, the University will introduce onsite education, and also schedule co-curricular and extra-curricular on-campus engagements to strengthen the community spirit, for you to meet with your instructors, and to enable course formats requiring onsite solutions. The focus will be placed on the further enhancement of quality on all platforms while ensuring a safe, unique, and impactful educational experience.

Please note that the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff on campus are our highest priorities and guide every decision we make. As the University navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, a working group has been established to plan and coordinate responses for the fall 2020 semester. Our decisions for the fall semester will be based on data from research, advice, and regulatory protocols, as well as our expertise and best practices. This fall, we will deliver a rigorous and innovative academic experience striving for the highest academic standards. Focus will be on transformational as well as individualized learning. In the coming weeks and months, we will update you on our progress in our fall semester preparations so that we can all prepare in the best way we can.

Of course, there remains a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the progress of the pandemic and its impact on higher educational institutions; as stated above, we will continually monitor the local situation. Be assured that our main focus is on restoring the best of our tradition with the greatest concern for your education and career preparation; we will all meet on campus as soon as it is safe.

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Karin Markides