Erasmus+ and AUA

Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Capacity Building Higher Education Projects (CBHE) promote cooperation and partnerships that have an impact on the modernization and internationalization of higher education institutions and systems in Partner Countries.

AUA – Erasmus+ CBHE partnership in the projects:

1. Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders (MARUEEB)

Objective: Establishment and development of a new Master on “Environmental Protection and Energy Efficient Buildings” in three Russian and two Armenian Universities with affiliation of other two Russian Universities, according to student-centered or output approach.  

Specific objectives:

  • Create M.Sc. programs in URFU, SPB, Tambov, and two Armenian Universities with course affiliations in other two Russian Universities;
  • Focus curricular reform process on labor market demands;
  • Disseminate improved educational elements and their exploitation beyond the project lifecycle;
  • Enrich mainstreaming process by networking among Universities and stakeholders;
  • Spread, promote, and enhance approaches toward EU “20-20-20 targets” policy referred to Environmental Protection and Energy Saving;
  • Enhance EU dimension of designing of study-programs by (i) Promoting the “student-centered” approach focused on definition of learning outcomes, (ii) Bringing the curricular reform in line with the latest Bologna Process elements.


  • Harmonization of academic approaches to Environmental Protection and EEB by EU-ARU analysis and best practices, aimed at developing new Master study-programs and related program handbooks;
  • Teachers’ capacity building by empowerment of the ARU junior teaching staff through two intensive retraining sessions in EU;
  • Support to curricular reform process and improvement of the capability of the ARU teaching staff to implement the reform process. 

Partner country: Russia.

EU partner countries: Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Lithuania.

2. Development and Implementation of Social Dimension Strategies in Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina through Cross-regional Peer Learning (INCLUSION)

Objective: To mobilize the HE capacity in Armenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) in contributing to the implementation of the Social Dimension (SD) strategies through capitalizing on knowledge transfer.

Specific objectives:

  • Build capacity of HEI staff and respective governing bodies at PCUs for designing and implementing SD strategies;
  • Develop master plan for the two HE sectors to foster contribution to implementation of SD strategies;
  • Develop institutional support mechanisms for implementation of SD strategies;
  • Foster access to HE for persons from vulnerable/underrepresented groups.


  • National level guidelines on development/operationalization of SD strategies;
  • Institutional level master plans and mechanisms to implement SD strategies set at the national level;
  • Resources for inclusive teaching and learning;
  • Materials to raise awareness of high school pupils and teachers;
  • Reviewed strategies, roles, functions and ongoing initiatives at PCUs for fostering access to HE for students from vulnerable and underrepresented;
  •  Trained faculty, staff and high school teachers.

Partner country: Bosnia & Herzegovina.

EU partner countries: Austria, Belgium, UK.

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3. Boosting Armenian Universities Internationalization Strategy & Marketing (BOOST)


Objective: To foster and promote further internationalization of Armenian Higher Education through development of national and institutional policy framework and tools.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop national policy framework and tools for facilitating internationalization practices in Armenian HE;
  • Create a National Platform and online tools for mapping and benchmarking internationalization processes in Higher Education;
  • Build capacities of ICO staff of HEIs, MoES and social partners on strategic management, marketing and cultural challenges as well as implementation of credit mobility, ensuring holistic approach to internationalization management issues;
  • Create or enhance ICO resources and service-oriented centers at the Armenian HEIs, including development of strategic &marketing plans and tools.


  • Creation and implementation of policy framework on internationalization;
  • A National Platform for internationalization in Higher Education;
  • ICO staff of HEIs trained;
  • ICO resources and service-oriented centers at the Armenian HEIs in place.

EU partner countries: Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

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