Environmental Impact Assessment for Armenia’s Proposed Nuclear Power Plant

Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012, 16:30

Place: 308-E PAB, AUA

Presentation by Lief Erickson

This presentation will summarize the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process as required by the RoA Law on EIA and Armenia’s obligations under International Convention on EIA in a transboundary context (Espoo Convention).  It will describe the nature of the data necessary to conduct EIA on a complex project such as the proposed new nuclear unit and describe the status of the assessment that has been done by the CJSC “METSAMORENRGOATOM”, the company formed as the project developer, and the Ministry of Nature Protection.

Speaker: Mr. Erickson has been working in Armenia since 2007 providing expert services to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the State Committee for Nuclear Safety Regulation (known as ANRA), and the State Engineering University of Armenia (Polytechnic).  He is currently serving as the Deputy Chief of Party for the USAID project providing support to the energy sector, Energy Security and Regional Integration.  Previously he worked on projects in Ukraine, including project manager for the Licensing Consultant to the nuclear regulatory organization for the Chernobyl Shelter project, managed US Department of Energy projects in Ukraine under the International Nuclear Safety Program, consulted to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and served in engineering, licensing and quality assurance functions at Portland General Electric in Oregon State, USA.


The seminar is open to the public