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  •  Promote sustainable development through research, education and collaboration
  •  Create collaboration between and within universities to generate and utilize knowledge on sustainable development.
  •  Exchange of expertise across disciplines, partners from industry, civil society and public organisations through reality labs of Open education 


1.Active international partnerships lead to exciting opportunities for faculty and students and provide the environment for ground-breaking research. (Hosting international conferences and workshops delivered by the Excellency Centers)
Through bi-lateral partnerships, Global Local office will take care of  a number of international alliances and networks, aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding between international partners  (Erasmus, AAICU and other study opportunities...)

2. The Global Local Office will act as a trans-disciplinary facilitator by providing seminar series to promote AUA world-class research activities in five key areas: artificial intelligence, leadership development, innovation advancement, capacity building in regional clusters and enhanced STEM education.
At the local level, expert-led and interactive how-to sessions are expected to facilitate interdisciplinary research that links the work of the Excellency Centres with both within the university, external stakeholders and reality labs.

3. Through the national initiatives, GLO coordinates the partnership with the RA Government with the policy making research activities.

4. The Global Local Office will set up and moderate a practical virtual environment for sharing and pipelining opportunities within AUA, based on modern online tools such as Trello, so that designated staff from all units have real-time access to potential cross-disciplinary networking.
4.1 After internal “pipelining stages,” certain projects and initiatives will also be visible to the public on the Global Local Office virtual environment within the AUA website.

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