Our Role

Welcome to GLO!

At the Global-Local Office (GLO), we support faculty, staff and students at AUA through identifying, encouraging, facilitating, and supporting collaborations that are driven by complex challenges in need of transformative solutions and combined research, outreach, and teaching across disciplines. Such collaborations require the input of diverse disciplinary knowledge, as well as the skills and resources to organize intersections for  mutual reliance, integration and transformation, enabling capacity building in Armenia. 

GLO also hosts National Initiatives, where we act as a focal point for academic engagement in solving complex challenges identified by the government and public/private partnerships. Faculty, leaders and students from all academic institutions in Armenia are invited to partake in the process Armenian Technology Future, and to apply to the calls in the MSRF and PDRF programmes. 

Complex challenges can only be solved when participating actors have reached mutual understanding and trust before tackling  high-impact solutions. The Global-Local Office has a responsibility to offer and develop tools for effective initiation, collaboration, management and assessment of transdisciplinary grants. The tools are developed and refined together with faculty, staff, and students in order to enhance transdisciplinary outcomes in all arenas, from leadership to knowledge building to societal impact. Starting July 1 2020, AUA has a new long-term strategic process with yearly prioritized actions, guided by our mission and vision and supported by GLO fostering creativity, leadership, integrity and community service. GLO supports AUA with Collaboration Tools and Transferable Skills.  

The Global-Local Office also provides knowledge about relevant Grants Open for AUA Participation and leadership. The office compiles information about funding agencies and foundations around the world where AUA is eligible to apply. When required by the funding actor, GLO will take care of a number of institutional-level functions supporting the application and operational processes, as well as assessment requirements. 

GLO also provides templates of Strategic Collaboration Agreements and MoUs for collaboration with new collaborators in universities, industries, agencies and other organizations. GLO’s networks to expert functions within AUA  can assist you in developing institutional agreements and complementing them with specific projects and processes.

GLO focuses on enhancing your ability to solve complex challenges and on developing both generic and transferable skills, where knowledge from multiple perspectives is needed. Transdisciplinary platforms, like Open Centers of Excellence, Reality Labs, and Strategic Collaborations with universities, industries, and the public and private sectors provide the dynamics and transformation needed to solve complex challenges. These collaborative platforms are all open to new opportunities within their prioritized missions. Important developments and actions are also  visible on this website.  If you are interested in participating, please contact any of the platforms of your interest   or us at Global-Local Office. We will  guide you to get a conversation about how to take the next step on your ideas and interests.

The Global-Local Office supports and develops all institutional-level functions that are on this Collaboration webpage. We connect to all units of AUA as well as to our collaborators. We work with the internal and external networks of AUA to enhance opportunities for our faculty, staff, and students, and for the national roles that AUA is hosting. Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Global-Local Office with any questions.