Open Centers of Excellence

A Center of Excellence is a group of scholars, researchers and/or other professionals that come together to focus on a common problem or research question. Ideally, excellence is developed when priorities are shared among talented individuals as they learn to absorb, generate, and distribute knowledge in a particular field. As synergies are developed, centers of excellence attract others with similar interests and problems. Centers of excellence are designated as OPEN when the common problem or research question is met with no particular disciplinary or analytical approach. 

These Open Centers of Excellence are broad thematic platforms for strategic and long-term collaboration. The objective is to solve complex challenges by attracting knowledge and competence from different backgrounds to common problems within the open thematic area. The strategy is to establish and sustain integrated and transformative collaborations using the power of trans-disciplinary and trans-stakeholder interactions. The outcome is expected to provide transformative and sustainable solutions that are directly relevant for government, industry, universities and/or civil society. The Open Centers of Excellence function successfully if they are based on reliance and mutual understanding between the collaborators, and if the innovative and comprehensive interdisciplinary approaches aim at effective solutions.

AUA’s five Open Centers of Excellence are Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Innovation Advancement, Systemic Leadership and Governance, School of Systems Thinking, Transformative Health Solutions. By connecting education, research and outreach at these five Open Centers of Excellence, we will have the academic strength to incite strategic collaborators to work with us. The collaborators comprise multinational and small companies, national and international academic excellence, and civic and regional organizations in Armenia. AUA has a vision to enable transformative impact where local communities in Armenia prosper. Now is the time to embrace this challenge.