GLO Networks

GLO is connecting a network of administrative support experts throughout AUA, comprising all diverse aspects important for tangilble collaborative education, research and outreach. Collaborative efforts come in so many different forms and the need for expert support and advise will also vary for all different occasions. AUA is a small university with a broad disciplinary knowledge base, and with a vision to have a transformative impact on people’s life in Armenia.

“Through its world-class academic programs, research environments, student services, and community outreach, the American University of Armenia will have a transformative impact on people’s social, economic, political and intellectual capacities to prosper in local communities and to meet the challenges of a globalized world. Our faculty and staff will inspire students to advance knowledge and become responsible citizens and leaders in transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship.”  

GLO will provide incentives for enhancing successful collaborations and help interested people or partners to find the right support or collaborators for their needs and interest.

Please contact GLO for any question concerning collaboration at: [email protected]