AUA Launches Library-Cafeteria Expansion Project

In March, AUA launched a library-cafeteria renovation project, which will double the size of the university’s AGBU Papazian Library and improve cafeteria efficiency.  The renovation project was made possible with a grant from the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program of USAID.

“Expanding the Papazian Library helps AUA improve its capacity to provide students with the information and knowledge-acquisition skills necessary to become leaders in the development of Armenia and the region, by providing them with state-of-the-art technology and space for collaborative learning,” stated AUA President Bruce Boghosian. “AUA is grateful to ASHA for its long-standing support of projects related to construction, upgrade of technology, furnishing classrooms and offices, and improvement of study and work conditions.”

The Papazian Library is the only university library in Armenia that is open to the public, has open stacks, has a rich collection of books and periodicals in English with a foundation of American academic literature, and provides electronic collections of academic journals with both on-campus and remote access. 

The Library has been in need of both renovation and expansion to provide a growing student population with ample study and research space, modernize public and work spaces, and provide new facilities for access to AUA’s electronic collections.  

The newly renovated library is expected to be operational in September.  Along with added discussion rooms and individual study carrels, the library will be furnished with new computers and other technology.

The expansion plan addresses the need for enlargement and modernization of the Papazian Library by renovating and expanding the existing kitchen and storage space.  While the university’s cafeteria, which is open to the public, is located on the second floor, the kitchen and storage space is located on the first floor adjacent to the Library. By moving the kitchen to the second floor the cafeteria’s operation becomes more efficient and the Library expansion becomes possible. 

The library-cafeteria renovation project is the next phase of AUA’s strategy for the modernization and upgrade of the university’s Main Building, and for expanding capacity commensurate with planned growth of the university’s student body and faculty.

The design for the library-cafeteria renovation project was done by the architectural-design studio “Storaket”, which was selected through a rigorous competitive bidding process.


Architectural renditions of the new AGBU Papazian Library