AUA Faculty Senate Archive 2008

Faculty CommentWe find it exemplary of AUA values that the AUA Administration has decided that the primary and immediate beneficiaries of the new building will be faculty and students, while the Administrative officers and personnel have graciously chosen to remain in the old building


2008 Faculty Senate Executive Committee


Chair – Varduhi Petrosyan,

Vice Chair – Vahan Bournazian

Secretary – Melissa Brown

Parliamentarian – Mher Arshakyan

2008 Faculty Senate Members

Academic Program Member
College of EngineeringAram Hajian
College of EngineeringGurgen Khachatryan
College of Health SciencesYelena Amirkhanyan
College of Health SciencesVarduhi Petrosyan
Department of English ProgramsRobert Agajeenian
Department of English ProgramsMelissa Brown
Law DepartmentVahan Bournazian
Law DepartmentSargis Knyazyan
School of Business & ManagementNelly Lejter
School of Political Science & International AffairsLusine Galajyan
School of Political Science & International AffairsTheresa Khorozyan
At-Large MemberMher Arshakyan
At-Large MemberJennifer Lyman


2008 Ethics & Grievance Committee

Yelena Amirkhanyan
Gurgen Khachatryan
Thereza Khorozyan
Sargis Knyazyan
Armen Petrosyan


EGC Charge

The Ethics and Grievance Committee of the Faculty Senate shall have jurisdiction [or authority] to review, advise, and make recommendations on policies regarding ethical behavior, and to hear and resolve appeals brought by any member of the university against any other member of the university regarding violations of any of the various codes and policies of the university.


2008 Curriculum Committee

Robert Agajeenian
Lucig Danielian
Aram Hajian
Nelly Lejter
Varduhi Petrosyan
Tom Samuelian

Curriculum Committee Charge


2008 Committee on Extension Programs

Robert Agajeenian
Aram Hajian
Lusine Galajyan
Nelly Lejter
Jennifer Lyman

CEP Charge
Procedure on Course Review CEP


Future Meetings:

  • General Faculty Assembly on November 10, 2008 @ 18:15pm in room 26

Faculty Social Events for Summer 2008


The approved minutes:

2008 Faculty Senate Archive

July 3, 2008
June 6, 2008
May 2, 2008
April 4, 2008 Minutes
March 7, 2008 Minutes


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