AUA Faculty Senate 2016-17

Faculty Senate Meetings and Minutes in 2016-17: 

Current 2016-2017 Faculty Senate members

ConstituencySelected FS member
College of Business and EconomicsMane Beglaryan
MBA ProgramAgassi Manoukian
BA in BusinessKaren Sarkavagyan
MS EconomicsGayane Barseghyan
College of Humanities and Social SciencesElham Shayegh
MA in PSIAYevgenya (Jenny) Paturyan
MA in TEFLIrshat Madyarov
LLMHayk Mamajanyan
BA in E&CArto Vaun
College of Science and EngineeringArthur Khalatyan
MS in CISDavid Davidian
ME in IESMGagik Gabrielyan
BS in CSLouisa Harutyunyan
School of Public HealthTsovinar Harutyunyan
ACENatella Mirzoyan
At-large membersVahram Ter-Matevosyan
Aram Keryan

Faculty Senate Executive Committee (By-laws) 

  • Irshat Madyarov (chair)
  • Jenny Paturyan (vice-chair)
  • Hayk Mamajanyan (parliamentarian)
  • Elham Shayegh (secretary)

Curriculum Committee (Charge

  • Randall Rhodes (Provost)
  • Aram Hajian (CSE)
  • Varduhi Petrosyan (SPH)
  • Tom Samuelian (CHSS)
  • Adelaida Baghdasaryan (CHSS)
  • Alen Amirkhanian (ACE)

Ethics and Grievance Committee (Procedure)

  • Arto Vaun
  • Simon Clarke
  • Hasmik Galstyan (staff representative)
  • Vahram Ghushcyan
  • Tsovinar Harutunyan
  • Elham Shayegh

The Ethics and Grievance Committee of the Faculty Senate shall have jurisdiction [or authority] to review, advise, and make recommendations on policies regarding ethical behavior, and to hear and resolve appeals brought by any member of the university against any other member of the university regarding violations of any of the various codes and policies of the university.

Anyone on campus may direct an email concerning ethical questions or a grievance to [email protected].  This communication is confidential for committee members only.

Student Learning Committee (Charge)

  • Arthur Khalatyan
  • Gayane Barseghyan
  • Chris Ray

Extension Committee (ChargeProcedure)

  • Tsovianr Harutyunyan
  • Aram Keryan
  • David Davidian
Academic Standards Committee with its (Charge and Procedure)
For information, please contact the Office of the Provost
Committee on Student Conduct and Ethics (Charge and Procedure)
For information, please contact the Office of the Provost

Ad-Hoc Committees: 

Committee on implementing recruitment and retention faculty packages 

  • Marina Dodigovic (Faculty)
  • Irshat Madyarov (Faculty)
  • Arto Vaun (Faculty)
  • Mane Beglaryan (Faculty)
  • Aleksandr Grigoryan (Faculty)
  • Vahram Ter-Matevosyan (Faculty)
  • David Davidian (Faculty)
  • Randall Rhodes (Provost)
  • Gevorg Goyunyan  (Vice President of Finance/CFO)
  • Arina Bekchyan (HR)

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