Minors in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) and Genocide Studies & Human Rights (GSHR)

The minor requires 15 credits (5 courses) and can consist of free electives and/or build on General Education courses taken in satisfaction of General Education requirements.  No more than one course can be counted toward fulfillment of both minor and major requirements.    Because some majors have a limited number of free electives, students who wish to pursue a minor will need to plan their course choices carefully in order to fit the minor within the 120-credit undergraduate degree credit allotment.   Courses taken beyond 120 credits may be subject to additional tuition charges.    
Students must take a one course from each category, plus the upper-division Seminar course that usually involves a project, presentation and/or paper(s), which synthesize the various strands of the interdisciplinary minor.   The  courses offered in each category may vary from year to year and periodically be supplemented or adjusted.   Those listed below are drawn from current and planned offerings.  

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE)

Course Requirements:   5 courses (15 credits)

At least one course from each category:

CHSS 110 Introduction to Philosophy

CHSS 111 Introduction to Ethics

CHSS 112 Introduction to Logic and Rhetoric

CHSS 211 Great Books

CHSS 212 Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

PSIA 201 Political Philosophy

EC 235 Communication Ethics


PSIA101 Introduction to Political Science

PSIA102 Introduction to US Government

PSIA 103 Introduction to Armenian Government

PSIA 201 Political Philosophy

PSIA 281 Development Policy

PSIA 271 Religion & Politics

PSIA 282 Survey of Regional Politics

LAW 110 Introduction to the Armenian Justice System

LAW 112/210 Armenian Constitution

LAW 142 Introduction to Human Rights

LAW 160 Law & Justice in Popular Culture

ECON 101 Introduction to Economics

ECON 121 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 122 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 221 Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 222 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 225 International Economics

ECON 228 Economics of Development

BUS 112 Social, Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

Upper Level PPE Seminar  (pre-requisite: completion of at least 1 course in each category)

Genocide Studies & Human Rights (GSHR)
Requirements: 5 courses (15 credits)

Students who entered prior to Fall 2021 may choose to complete the previous requirements.  For information about previous requirements email [email protected].

Required (2 courses)Three electives (at least two of which must be upper division) chosen from: 

LAW142 Introduction to Human Rights 


and choose one:

CHSS185 Understanding Genocide


CHSS187 The Armenian Genocide

CHSS185 Understanding Genocide

CHSS187 The Armenian Genocide

CHSS 188 The Holocaust 

CHSS205 Learning, activism and social movements

LAW202 Legal Anthropology

PSIA271 Religion & Politics

CHSS296 Special Topics in Social Sciences (Topic depending, as announced during course registration for the respective term)

CHSS 285 Genocide Studies and Human Rights Seminar 

CHSS 286 Comparative Genocide