Internal Advisory Board

The purpose of this document is to describe the membership and functions of the Internal Advisory Board at the “American University of Armenia” Fund (hereinafter referred to as “AUA” or” University”). The purpose of the board is to provide guidance and recommendations to the Executive Team and/or the Faculty Senate on a number of issues related to strategic priorities, management, new program development, and other items identified in the charge and/or as identified by the Executive Team.

Standing members of the AUA Internal Advisory Board (hereinafter referred to as “Board”) include:
• President
• Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
• Vice President for Operations / COO
• Vice President for Finance / CFO
• Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
• Dean of the College of Science and Engineering
• Dean of the College of Business and Economics
• Dean of the School of Public Health
• Dean of General Education
• Director, Acopian Center for the Environment
• Director, Open Center of Excellence for Systems Thinking
• Director, Open Center of Excellence for Innovation Advancement
• Director, Open Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence Solutions
• Director, Open Center of Excellence for Transformative Health Solutions
• Director, Open Center of Excellence for Leadership and Governance
• Chair of the Faculty Senate
• Chair of the Staff Assembly
• President of the Student Council

Responsibilities of the Internal Advisory Board include:
• Reviewing and recommending procedures regarding the strategic planning process
• Reviewing KPI (key performance indicator) development and how KPIs are measured
• Reviewing and recommending the prioritization of yearly thematic objectives
• Synthesizing and prioritizing inputs on action priorities and tactics submitted by strategic units based on institutional needs and capacity
• Initiating discussions and studies on key academic and administrative issues related to improvements of the yearly strategic process
• Recommending communication channels to ensure that appropriate sectors of the AUA community are engaged in discussions processes related to key institutional issues and initiatives
• Discuss issues and make recommendations related to the development of academic programs and Open Education programs at the university
• Discuss issues and make recommendations related to tuition and academic fees
• Discuss and make recommendations on the rules used to select deans, program chairs, and academic staff
• Discuss and make recommendations on the rules used to select directors of the Open Centers of Excellence
• Discuss and make recommendations on the direction of research and outreach activities on campus and in reality labs
• Discuss and make recommendations on incentives and tools to enhance engagement and success for education, research and outreach in AUA transdisciplinary and collaborative actions
• Develop and implement rules regarding the construction of ad hoc committees that may be formed to conduct research and develop recommendations related to the charge of the Internal Advisory Board.

• The Provost (or designee) will serve as Chair of the Board. The Chair will not vote except to break a tie vote among other members.
• The staff of the Office of the President will provide administrative support.
• The meeting of the Board will be called by the Provost (or designee) on not less than 24 hours’ notice to the members of the Board. The format and the agenda of the meeting will be decided by the Provost (or designee). The quorum for a meeting of the Board is a majority of members in attendance. All decisions on recommendations are made by majority vote of the Board present at the meeting.
• Summary minutes will be approved by the Board and archived by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

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