50 seats

  • oriented lengthwise, 5 rows, there are 4 desks with a total of 12 seats per row (2D*3S+2D*3S)
  • 2 desks with a total of 2-4 seats on the stage
  • podium
  • equipped with LCD Projector, Folding Screen, Audio-System, Laptop, Microphones, Flipchart Stand, and other modern equipment. The equipment fee is included in the room rental.
  • two booths for simultaneous translation (earphones fee is not included in the room rent)

General description: General description: The K-Telecom CJSC (VivaCell – MTS) videoconferencing facility (20 long desks with a total of 50 seats) is equipped with a Polycom VSX7400 videoconferencing system and two 50″ Pioneer plasma screens that allow conferences at up to 640 Kbps bandwidth over the Internet (H.323 protocol). It provides VCR and PC connection and transfer of presentations immediately to the receiving site.

IMPORTANT:   AUA does not provide an ISDN connection — the remote site should work with the Internet Protocol (IP). Please request your colleagues abroad to contact the AUA Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Services Director, Berj Gatrjyan at bgatrjyan@aua.am for making sure that the technical/compatibility requirements are met.