The BA in Business is designed to prepare students to contribute to economics development as accountants, economic analysts, marketing and business communications staff and entrepreneurs.  The curriculum has been designed with considerations of development economics and realities of career options in a developing economy, where demand for certain specialties has not yet coalesced.  Graduates of the undergraduate program will be well prepared to further their education at several of AUA’s graduate programs or to pursue additional education elsewhere

Students in the BA in Business program will have the option of pursuing a general degree or of concentrating in one of three tracks: Accounting, Marketing/Business Communications or Economics.  Each track consists of seven concentration courses, five of which are mandatory.

The BA in Business will offered as part of a liberal arts education to assure that graduates are not only specialists but also well-rounded individuals, able to think critically and creatively, to learn on their own, to understand different kinds of thinking, to work in teams, and to deal with people from different cultures and disciplines.

This unique aspect of AUA’s undergraduate program is especially important for Business majors, who find careers in a wide-range of industries, in the public and private sector and for-profit and non-profit institutions.