BA in Business program is designed to prepare entrepreneurs, as well as specialists to work in the fields of business, finance, marketing and economics. The program will also provide opportunities for BAB graduates to continue their education in Masters Programs at AUA, or elsewhere.

Students of BA in Business program will have the option of pursuing a General Business degree, or choose from three other specializations or so-called tracks: Accounting, Marketing/Business Communications, or Economics. Each track consists of five concentration courses, three of which are mandatory and two are elective.

Apart from core business-specific disciplines, BA in Business includes a substantial liberal arts education component. This unique component of AUA undergraduate education is to assure that students not only narrowly specialize in their business major, but also become well-rounded individuals able to think critically, know how to work in teams, embrace diversity, and cherish opinion differences. 

BA in Business program graduates are expected to develop professional curiosity, self-reliance and strong business acumen, aside from the formal academic training they receive. This philosophy of BA in Business program aims to produce graduates ready to establish their own businesses, as well as hit the ground with careers in a wide-range of industries, public and private sectors, for-profit and non-profit organizations.