AUA Students Studying Abroad

Association of American International Colleges and Universities

AAICU Direct Educational Exchange Program (AAICU-DEEP)

The goal of the AAICU Direct Exchange Program is to promote collaboration across the AAICU network via the exchange of students so as to promote inter-cultural and international understanding that supports the Mission of the AAICU.

Students who are pursuing their undergraduate degree at one of the AAICU members may participate in the AAICU-DEEP for study abroad. This program allows degree-seeking undergraduate students at any one of the AAICU member institutions to study at one of the other institutions for an academic semester. Students pay tuition at their home university and are responsible for all costs related to housing, transportation, and fees at the host institution.

All AAICU institutions have academic programs based on the American liberal arts model and accept each others’ academic coursework for transfer credit which facilitates study abroad.

To apply, students should apply to the school they are interested in visiting as a student abroad student and indicate they wish to participate in the AAICU-DEEP program. Students should follow the application deadlines for the institution they are applying to for the semester abroad. Each AAICU host institution will have its own admission requirements which must be met. Spaces in the program may be limited.


  • Each AAICU member determines how many students from AAICU institutions they will host within the AAICU-DEEP; the minimum number is two semester students from ANY of the AAICU per year. This is not a student exchange program; institutions do not need to balance incoming students with outgoing students.
  • The names and contact information of the AAICU-DEEP students will be shared so that AAICU may potentially leverage this in the future as “legacies” of the program.

List of participating institutions (as of May, 2016)

  • American College in Greece
  • American College in Thessaloniki
  • American University in Afghanistan
  • American University of Armenia
  • American University of Beirut
  • American University in Bulgaria
  • American University in Cairo
  • American University of Central Asia (Bishkek)
  • American University of Iraq (Sulaimani)
  • American University in Kosovo
  • American University of Nigeria
  • American University of Paris
  • American University of Rome
  • American University of Sharjah
  • Al Akhawayn University (Morocco)
  • Central European University (Budapest)
  • CETYS University (Baja, Mexico)
  • Forman Christian College (Lahore)
  • Franklin University (Switzerland)
  • Haigazian University (Beirut)
  • Institute for American Universities (Aix-en-Provence)
  • Irish American University (Dublin)
  • John Cabot University (Rome)
  • Lebanese American University (Beirut)
  • Saint Louis University (Madrid)